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7th Annual Olivia B. Graduation Giveaway

Application Dates: January 1, 2023-March 1, 2023

This year our company will be giving FREE Graduation photos to High School graduates! 

Congratulations to our 2022 WINNER: 

DeAhnna Brown- Cass Technical High School 







Giveaway Qualifications

-Must be a high school graduating senior for the class of 2023

-GPA of 2.5 or Higher

-Involved in 1 or more extra curricular activities (sports, dance, robotics, band, theater, etc).

-Student Must attend: Detroit Public High Schools, EAA Public High Schools, Detroit Public Charter High Schools or Detroit Catholic High Schools.

-Must have 1 recommendation letter from teacher and coach/activity leader.(2 letters total)

-Must submit copy or clear photo of report card/grades OR transcript.

-Must submit a letter or video explaining why you want to receive this opportunity. 


-All application pieces must be sent together and completed before the deadline. If anything is missing from the application it will be omitted. 

Thank you so much for your support and GOOD LUCK! 


Graduation Giveaway Session Includes:

 -Maximum 2.5 hour session

-2 locations.(Can be split between in studio and on location)

-Online profile with download accessibility.

-Flash-drive ready. 

-Photo print rights.

-Hardcover 11x8 photo book. (20 pages)

-2 8x10 prints.

-25 full edited images.

Thank you to all of the 2023 applicants!! 

Previous Giveaway Winners

Brianna Thomas 

Cass Technical High School 

"C/o 2017"

Michigan State University

Tatiyanna Haywood

Detroit Edison Public School 

"C/o 2017"

Bowling Green State University


Haley Giley

Renaissance High School 

"C/o 2018"

University of Michigan 

Destin Hampton 

Detroit School of the Arts 

"C/o 2018"

Alabama State University


Breanna Ramsey

Cass Technical High School 

"C/o 2018"

Wayne State University

Amber Hickey

Cass Technical High School 

"C/o 2019"

Michigan State University


Cameron Hutchinson

Loyola High School 

"C/o 2019"

Albion College


Cherish Pittman 

Renaissance High School 

"C/o 2020" 

Howard University 


Jeffery Hayes

Loyola High School 

"C/o 2021"

Kentucky State University 


Gabrielle Henry

Fitzgerald High School

"C/o 2021"



DeAhnna Brown

Cass Technical High School

"C/o 2022"

Northwestern University 

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